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Texting & Driving

Cellphones and text messaging have made communication convenient and efficient. However, distracted driving, and particularly texting and driving, has become a serious national epidemic and is one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. Young people are especially known for texting and driving.texting and driving

A group called The Local Project reports that over 180 billion text messages are sent in the United States each month. Sending or receiving a text message diverts a driver’s attention from the road for approximately 4.6 seconds. This may not sound like much, but it is the equivalent of driving the length of an entire football field at 55 miles per hour while blindfolded.

An individual who suffers injuries because someone else was texting and driving is entitled to compensation for his or her injuries.

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Texting And Driving Is Abnormally Dangerous

The NHTSA defines distracted driving as any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the main task of driving. Texting and driving is one of the most significant distractions and a leading cause of car accidents because it takes away nearly all of a driver’s cognitive abilities.

Reading and sending a text impairs visual perception and requires mental energy that should be completely focused on the road. Drivers who engage in these activities increase their risk of getting into an accident by three times. More on this website

In the short amount of time it takes to send or receive a text, a driver can cause a variety of accidents, such as a rear-end crash.

Teenagers And Text Messaging

Teenagers are generally inexperienced drivers. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to participate in texting and driving. Teenagers represent the highest proportion of drivers who are distracted at any given moment.

A quarter of teenagers in a recent study reported that they reply to text messages at least once or more every time they drive.

The NHTSA also reports that 21 percent of the drivers involved in fatal car accidents involving drivers between the ages of 15 and 19 admitted to being distracted by the use of a cellphone.

Texas Text Messaging Laws

Texas does impose a ban on text messaging for all drivers. The penalty for violating Texas’ texting and driving law is a ticket and a fine. Drivers will pay $99 for a first offense and $200 for each subsequent offense. Some cities in Texas have passed their own ordinances banning cellphone use or imposing higher fines on offenders. The penalty for causing serious injury or death while texting and driving is up to $4,000 in fines against the driver. Injuries from an accident caused by text messaging frequently result in extremely large medical bills and lengthy rehabilitation for injured individuals.

Texting And Driving Is Negligent Behavior

A driver who causes an accident by engaging in texting and driving is likely to be considered negligent.

If a driver is shown to be negligent, compensation is available to cover the cost of medical expenses and lost wages. Injuries from a car accident also typically result in pain and suffering, and a negligent driver may be required to compensate a victim for these costs as well.

If you or a family member has been hurt or if you’ve lost a loved one because of a negligent driver, email us or call toll-free to talk with one of our experienced car accident lawyers.

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Motorcycle Injury Accidents in Texas – Personal Injury Law

Motorcycle Injury Accidents in Texas

Motorcycle accidents can result in a wide range of injuries. Those injuries can be relatively benign, such as scratches and bruises, but they can also be life-threatening and debilitating, such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. A common injury suffered in a motorcycle accident is road rash, which is usually fairly minor. But if someone who suffers a road rash does not get it medically treated in time, an infection can result. In this instance, as in every kind of personal injury litigation, it is critical that a victim get medical help so that their case does not suffer due to a failure to mitigate damages. For example, if a motorcycle accident victim with a road rash does not get medical attention, and the rash develops into a life-threatening infection, the party or parties that were responsible for the motorcycle wreck cannot be held liable for the infection. As a result, the victim will be responsible for paying any medical expenses that stem from treating that accident attorneys

More serious injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents include bone fractures and broken bones. Because a motorcycle is not enclosed by a frame, passengers and riders are often ejected from the motorcycle and thrown to the ground. Such a collision often occurs with brute force, and broken legs, broken arms or bone fractures can result. These kinds of injuries, of course, call for immediate medical attention (and that attention will result in medical expenses), but a motorcyclist suffering from this injury might also incur financial losses because of a mobility loss that could keep them from being able to perform their job. By filing a Texas personal injury lawsuit, however, a motorcyclist injured in this manner can attempt to obtain fair restitution for any wages he or she may have lost.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Motorcycle accident injuries can become even more severe, of course, and include traumatic brain injury, disfigurement, and spinal cord injury. Each of these can culminate in debilitating conditions that can last a lifetime, possibly even requiring medical care around the clock. Burn injuries, another potentially severe consequence of a motorcycle accident, can mean severe pain and suffering, as well as disfigurement, for a victim. Lifetime reminders of the ordeal can include scars on the back, neck, legs, hands, arms, or face. Other injuries can be just as devastating or worse, such as loss of limbs or a leg amputation or an arm amputation that can significantly diminish a victim’s quality of life. And all of these injuries can also lead to incredible mental distress. Victims can seek restitution through the means of a personal injury lawsuit, and that restitution can go a long way toward helping victims heal from their injuries and move on with their lives.

All passengers and riders younger than 21 years of age must, by Texas law, wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Riders and passengers who are older than 21 have the option of wearing a helmet or not wearing one as long as they have either completed a Texas motorcycle rider training course or can provide proof that they have health insurance. There have been compelling arguments made for years both for and against mandating the use of a helmet for motorcyclists, but it is hard to argue with the safety benefits provided by helmets. Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries, the two most potentially devastating injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, can be prevented if riders and passengers wear a helmet. Injuries such as these cannot only result in paralysis, they can also culminate in victims having to have constant medical attention after suffering debilitating, life-long injuries. And with these kinds of injuries come crushingly high medical bills. Victims of severe motorcycle accident injuries are arguably the victims who are most in need of experienced legal help; help that can get them the compensation they need in order to be able to pay the incredibly high medical costs associated with both spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain crash lawyers

After suffering an injury sustained in a motorcycle wreck, a victim, depending on the seriousness of the injury, might need medical assistance for a day, a week, a month, a year, for several years, or for the rest of his or her life. What goes along with that medical attention, of course, is a stack of medical bills and can range from hundreds of dollars to, as incredible as it sounds, millions of dollars. Therefore, an insurance carrier that is faced with having to pay potentially millions of dollars to an injury victim – even if that victim deserves that compensation – will fight extremely hard to defend its policy. If you do not have the experience of a motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you may shortchange yourself by accepting far less compensation than you are entitled to.

Personal Injury Lawyers – Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

The trucking industry is a 225.5 billion dollar industry and employs nearly 3.5 million truck drivers. Because Bexar County is a major county, home to more than a million residents and on I-10 same as Harris County, another highly populated county, thousands of trucks pass through here each year. The high number of truckers on Bexar County’s roadways increases the risk of a trucking accident for local motorists.truck accident lawyers texas

If you have been involved in an injury accident where a negligent truck driver was at fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Victims of serious accidents are strongly recommended to consult an experienced trucking accident attorney to discuss their potential case. More information here @

Types of Collisions

In a collision accident, the point-of-impact determines the type and severity of the crash. Other factors, such as speed and safety mechanisms, can also affect the seriousness of a trucking accident, but whether the motor vehicle is impacted in the front, rear or left or right sides will shape the nature of the accident.

One of the most dangerous types of collisions is the head-on collision. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in one-year front impact collisions accounted for 44.3% of all the fatal trucking accidents. In most head-on collisions, both the trucks and passenger vehicles are in motion, so the total damage of front impact collisions tends to be most severe.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Truckers spend 11 hours a day driving thousands of miles for several consecutive days. One of the most common causes of serious trucking accidents is a fatigued driver. Driving requires alertness and focus, the driver must always be aware of his or her surroundings and fellow motorists at all times to prevent an accident. Front-impact collisions occur when a fatigued driver drifts out of their lanes and into oncoming traffic.

Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly more common cause of trucking accidents. Texting, calling, or eating while driving divides the attention of the truck driver from the road. Pressed by time and delivery dates, truck drivers often multitask while they drive, putting themselves and others at risk.

In the event of an accident caused by either fatigue or distraction, the negligent truck drivers must be held accountable for their behavior.

Seek Representation

At our firm, our experienced personal injury attorneys have represented hundreds of truck accident victims throughout Texas. The effects of serious truck accidents can be brutal; the permanent effects can range from an incapacitating disability to even wrongful death. If the negligent behavior of a truck driver has resulted in a serious injury with great cost and length of recovery, a professional truck accident lawyer can help you maximize your compensation and ensure you will be fairly compensated. Click on this link @

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Texas Trucking Law – 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

There are two benefits suing when injured in an 18-wheeler accident:

First, it lets the injured party recover from the financial and emotional tragedy caused by the accident, while punishing those whose choices led to the accident happening in the first place. There’s no amount of money that can take away the damages created by your accident or wipe that memory from your mind. However, you still have extremely sizable financial burdens to deal with. The best way to get your family back to some type of normalcy after this type of accident is by getting compensation from the individual or group who was liable for your accident. More than likely you’ve missed tons of time working due to your injuries, so handling your medical bills for your injuries and medical bills for your vehicle can be impossible unless you file a lawsuit against the party or parties who were responsible for your injuries. truck accident lawyers texas

The other goal for an 18-wheeler accident lawsuit is to attempt and decrease more negligent behavior by punishing those responsible for the accident. People who have lost substantial money in an semi-truck accident lawsuit will tend to not make the same choices again. The best way to get someone’s attention is to attack their bank account. Click on this link @

Common Negligent Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

If you’re trying to figure out who to sue, the first goal is to learn how your accident happened and then discover who was at fault. Tons of people take part in transporting goods on an 18-wheeler, so in many 18-wheeler accident cases, more than one party may have been negligent and factored into an 18-wheeler accident. An experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer can rely on past cases from over the years litigating 18-wheeler accident claims to accurately figure out how your accident happened and who was responsible. Any number of negligent parties could have contributed to an 18-wheeler accident: the trucker, the trucking company, manufacturers of the truck or trailer, the business that loaded the truck, or other third parties. For example:

Truckers – Tons of hours are spent on highways and interstates by truck drivers, and in the majority of 18-wheeler accident cases, they are responsible either partially or entirely. Truckers will cause accidents when behave negligently. This is evident through: driving under the influence, speeding, ignoring stop signs, or excessive swerving. Many times 18-wheeler accidents are the result of the trucker being exhausted. Federal law requires that drivers take necessary rest breaks, but many of them disregard these guidelines so they’re able to meet company time constraints. Studies have revealed that truckers double their chances of being in an accident after eight straight hours of driving. Our survey showed that 20 percent of drivers confessed to falling asleep at the wheel more than once in the previous month. Whether by accident or deliberately, if a trucker’s negligence resulted in an accident that caused you to be injured, then you’ll have the chance to seek a lawsuit against that trucker.

Trucking Companies – Texas follows a legal concept called “respondent superior.” This means that employers face the same liability for the actions or inaction of their employees. If it’s determined that the truck driver’s negligence resulted in your wreck, then the trucking company could also be punished. So if a trucker had a litany of previous DUI convictions, then causes an accident while drunk, then the trucking company becomes responsible for any injuries stemming from the tragedy.

It also needs to be mentioned that the trucking company doesn’t have to act negligently on its own to be ruled liable for the negligence of its truckers. So as long as the trucker is deemed negligent, a lawsuit can be sought for damages from the trucking company. Most of the time the trucking company is the defendant people want damages from because it has greater ability to access more resources than drivers.

Manufacturers – Look closely at how they’re made, and you’ll see trucks and trailers are constructed from thousands of parts; all fastened together to ensure the vehicle’s safety. If any of these parts don’t function like they’re intended to while the truck is operating, then that can result in an accident. If the error was a result of a design defect or manufacturing error and a wreck follows, then anyone harmed in the wreck has the chance to get compensation from the manufacturer.trucking accident

The Company that Planned the Route – Not every road and neighborhood is intended for 18 wheelers and plenty of bridges have weight and height restrictions in place. To make sure everything’s safe, trucking companies will rely on other businesses to map out safe routes for big rigs to travel. If this company maps a course that is unsafe and dangerous for 18 wheelers, then a lawsuit can be pursued against that business.

The Company that Loaded the Cargo – A lot of times the company that owned the cargo is able to get it on board themselves, and other times another company handles that duty. If the company that put the cargo on did so in a poor or unsafe manner, this can result in a wreck and injuries that the company would be liable for. Cargo in an 18 wheeler is limited to 80,000 pounds, but lots of companies attempt to carry additional goods at a decreased cost and neglect this rule.

Weight limits are developed for a reason because an overloaded truck has a higher probability to topple and cause far more damage when it has a wreck. When the company that puts the cargo on doesn’t secure it properly, the cargo has a shot to loosen during transportation, creating a load shift that overturns the trailer and leads to wrecks with other vehicles in cargo. When flatbeds are incorporated, poorly loaded cargo can smash onto the road and create instant panic for lots of shocked drivers traveling behind the trucker. More information here @

Other Drivers – An 18-wheeler may have been in a accident but that doesn’t mean they’re the immediate cause for the accident. Sometimes other drivers disregard their duty to make sure others are kept safe on the road, and an 18-wheeler accident happens, creating damage and injuries to more drivers on the road. When that happens, victims can pursue damages from these third parties.

Any of these parties or a group of them could have entirely or partially played a role in the 18-wheeler accident that harmed you. You need the help of an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer who can find the cause and all of the credible defendants, so you can get the compensation you deserve from all the people who injured you with their negligent behavior.

Prompt Investigation is Critical

A speedy and professional investigation has to happen if you want to get the key evidence to determine all of the necessary parties and prove your case after you’ve been injured in an 18-wheeler accident case. Since there are lots of groups that could have acted in a negligent manner and played a factor in your injury, a strong investigation is needed to determine all of the key parties and their amount of negligence. You’re going to need proof to be able to persuade the jury to rule for you, and evidence begins to disappear immediately after a wreck. It’s essential to get your lawyer searching for evidence as quick as you can. For every moment you waste not getting an attorney you trust, you’re doing serious harm to your claim because the proof you need is disappearing – witnesses leave town or their memories become fuzzy, videos get trashed and the accident scene physically evolves.

The 18-wheeler accident lawyers at our firm have spent 20 years perfecting our ability at learning the art of investigating accident scenes. Once you hire us, we quickly travel to the accident scene (free of charge to clients) so we can find any evidence that helps our client’s case. We do what’s needed to reach the truth – securing all the main vehicles involved, getting photos, searching for video footage, looking through police records, measuring distance between skid marks, conducting forensic tests, doing witness testimony and gathering any evidence acquired to use later in trial.

You’re probably already far behind the investigative efforts that have been launched by the defense. Many times what happens is that right after a trucker reports an accident, the trucking or insurance company gets their investigators swiftly to the accident scene. The defensive investigators aren’t bothered learning how the accident really happened; they just want to get facts that show your injuries were a result of your own negligence. If you don’t have lawyers on the scene, you’ll have no idea if the defense has tampered with evidence, or done its investigation in an ethical fashion. If they discover evidence that shows you were negligent, then they can get your insurance claim overturned if they can prove you were totally responsible, or lessen the damages owed if they can properly show you were partially negligent.